Introduction to Iso-Pappila

Pieksämäen Iso-Pappila is an old Gustavian style vicarage. The over 210-year-old vicarage is surrounded by a beautiful garden called Sylvin puisto.

During the summer time the vicarage houses art exhibitions, summer theatres, concerts and a café. In the winter the art school of the local adult education centre uses the premises for their activities and teaching.

Sylvi Kekkonen, who was the wife of President Urho Kekkonen, was born in the vicarage. Sylvi was the daughter of the curate Uino. Her memorial is situated in the garden.

The summer activities in Pieksämäen Iso-Pappila used to be run by an association but the management was taken over by Pieksämäki town at the beginning of 2021.